Carbohydrates and Their Role in Fitness and Exercise

As an element natural in most food, carbohydrates are food element based on sugar and starch. When digested, carbohydrates flow through bloodstream to ultimately land on the hormonal insulin. The hormonal insulin helps determine weight gain and loss. Aging bodies steadily lose the ability to produce chromium, ingredient one needs to produce insulin, thus steadily losing the ability produce insulin as well.

Dr. Richard Heller and his wife Rachael claim in their book of carbohydrate diet that carbohydrates urge the body to discharge unhealthy amount of insulin, which unfortunately leads to carbohydrate craving, which in turn lead to weight gain. (p.26) But they did not mention anything to do with green coffee supplements or any other natural/herbal health supplements.

One of the more popular diet plans, the Atkins diet urge its followers to avoid low-carbohydrate diets. It argues that while carbohydrates are necessary, they are necessary evil. The majority of carbohydrate diet plans urge for the consumption of pallid bread, rice, pastries and other equivalent of them. Carbohydrates can not be substituted but excessive intake of same without other food elements to balance the digestion can cause a withdrawal. It is necessary to have fat, calories, iron, insulin and others to balance one’s diet towards fitness and health.

Dieting alone does not, however, result in fitness and health as the body needs its muscles regularly used in order to take charge of the cells, nerves, tendons and other important elements of one’s body.

When the muscles start deteriorating, it threatens the success of one’s diet, carbohydrate diet or other type of diets. Muscles only work with ease when they are used regularly. Lack of exercise augments the aging process in decreasing the muscles’ ability to assist one’s movement. Less movement leads to health deteriorating and, in turn, the mind.

Which is why it is just as important to have a planned out exercise regime in addition to any diet plan. This is something one needs to thoroughly discuss with one’s doctor. The doctor usually knows better the condition of one’s body, what it needs and what it should avoid.

When you are not sure what exercise is suitable for you, aerobic may be a good choice to consider. It targets your muscles, fat, heart, and many other important part of your body which indeed, need exercise. If weight lifting is more attractive to you, it is essential that you layout the equipment to target all important areas of the body. In either case, avoid excessive or ignorant practice.

Keep in mind that vitamins and supplements are good additions to your diet and exercise. Allow at least half an hour before you exercise after eating, better if you can make it an hour. Especially when your exercise of choice is swimming as immediately swimming after eating may cause cramp and, in worst case scenario, drowning.

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